Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tiered cake

This was my final cake for the Wilton course 4.  This was my first attempt with the push-in pillars, and my eye only sees the one pillar that wouldn't cooperate and stand up straight!!  It was a lemon cake with blueberry filling, lemon icing, and strained organic blueberry preserves drizzled across the surface.  The sides were coated in hand-grated white chocolate.  The fresh lemon slices were dipped in white sparkling sugars (note to self- next time, take the time to actually CANDY the lemons- sugar makes lemons turn juicy and drippy!!).

It was AMAZINGLY tasty!!!

Top tier:

Bottom tier:

Monday, September 7, 2009

Beach time!!

I made this cake for my friend's daughter for her 6th birthday!  The only inedible items on the cake were the umbrellas!!  It was a single layer marble cake.  I carved the top and rearranged the carved portions to make a flat "water" area and a raised "beach".  The beach is graham cracker crumbs with a little sugar (for some sparkle!), the water is blue piping gel.  The bridge was made of chocolate wafer cookies glued together with royal icing.  The bears are Teddy Grahams (regular and mini sized), with royal icing bathing suits.  I used peach rings and gummy life-savers as inner tubes.  The beach towels are tie-dye fruit roll-ups.  The 2 beach balls are made out of fondant and hand painted with food colors.  The trees are made of Oreo sticks with green fondant leaves (attached together with royal icing).  The "No Lifeguard" sign is actually made from royal icing and painted with a food writer.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A present for you...

This was my "final" cake for Wilton course 3.  It happened to coincide with my massage therapist's birthday, so I gave it to her :)  It was chocolate with strawberry filling, if I recall correctly :)  The purple fondant was painted with luster dust to give it some sparkle.